Some common worries and fears while sending your children to nursery school

There is no doubt that sending your child to a preschool is a tough job for parents. They have a lot of concerns when their child goes to nursery school for the first time. It also serves as a sign for many parents that their child has grown up and the time has come when their kids will face many challenges in his or her life. Some common fears and worries of the parents are the following:-

Will they miss me? :-

You do not need to worry about this as the kids have a tight schedule in the nursery in Singapore . Most of the time has gone into learning new things and performing various fun loving activities. When they will start thinking about you, it will be the time for going home.

Will they finish their lunch? :-

This one fear can be true during the first few weeks because children are not used to the short time which is given to them for finishing their lunch. So you must pack food which can be finished in less time and satisfy their hunger as well. It is advisable to pack the favorite food of your child so that he or she can enjoy his or her meal.

Will the teachers take proper care? :-

It is one of the most common worries of the parents. You can overcome this fear by meeting the teacher personally before or after the school. You should also trust the teachers because they do their job very seriously and treat the children like their own kids. You can also ask the teachers to allow you to stay in class for a few hours so that you can get a chance to observe them.

Will they be fearful? :-

Many parents worry how their children will manage in new environment where they know nobody. You should try to calm their fear by not letting them see you are frightened. It would be better if you visit the nursery school two or three times with your child before the first day of the school.

Will they have friends? :-

There are many kids who have introvert tendencies and take a long time making friends. Thus you should teach them how to communicate with the likeminded companion as well as teachers. Some teachers usually say, “Parents are the first teachers of a child”. You should play role-playing games with your child at home so that they can learn how to begin a conversation.

Will they learn fast enough? :-

It is not necessary that every child has the capability of learning new things in a fast manner. If your child is unable to learn quickly then you must consult the teacher and try to figure out the reason. If you and your teacher work together then undoubtedly your child will perform exceptionally well.

Will they cooperate with the teacher? :-

Many parents worry whether their child will follow the instructions of the teacher or not. You can solve this problem by acting like a teacher at home. You can get it done by reading a book aloud to your child and tell him or her to listen to you carefully.

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