Need for a defined framework while learning math

The main problem that most students face when they are studying math is the large number of ways that the same sum can be solved. Just the sheer number of formulae and the different concepts of maths is enough to give children night terrors for a very long time. Defining a framework helps the student to find a correlation between the many formulae and concepts and helps them choose the type of solution that they are most comfortable with. Many people mistakenly think that math enrichment class Singapore means accelerated learning, where the child is given the syllabus and study matter before hand and so they are ahead of the class. Whereas others think that a more compact version of the study material is provided to the students. Both of these concepts are not what is really needed for the student to have a proper understanding of math.

Math is a subject that has a variety of concepts and these concepts are then divided into sub-concepts that can get confusing for the best of us so what is expected from the children. Strategies that use a defined framework while teaching math has shown to have a greater success rate among students. One such strategy is the matrix method, in this each concept is given a separate section. Then those sections are divided in such a way that all problems that have similar solutions are put together. The students are then taught how to solve these problems in ways that are most suited to them.

While one student may find a particular solution easy to remember and faster to do, the same method may not work for another individual. Hence, having a properly defined framework can help in problem solving as well as critical thinking. Once the child gets used to this kind of learning they will be able to apply it to any other problem of that topic that is given to them. The framework helps to promote understanding of the different topics and hence the problems that were first seen as a mammoth task by the students are now merely a challenge that has a way to be solved. Having a proper framework when studying math is very important as this helps to build a mathematical aptitude in the child. This also helps make them more independent and confident later on in life.

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