How playgroups help shape your child’s childhood in a better manner

Childhood: an important phase in our life

Childhood is a crucial phase in everyone’s life. We spend quite a substantial number of years as a child. Our childhood decides how we would grow up to be an adult. Hence, how are childhood has been greatly influences our growth as an adult. If a child gets a happy and good childhood, he or she grows up to be a good human being. Similarly, if the childhood is tarnished with bad experiences, the child grows up to be a dysfunctional adult. Thus it is very important that the childhood of an individual is filled with positivity and contentment.

The childhood experiences are mainly a part of our school memories, because we spend most of our time in our schools. The kind of friends we make, the kind of teachers we interact with, and the level of discipline we are subjected to in our school all play a very vital role in our growing up. Also, the kind of punishments we get in our schools play a huge role in the psychological development of the child. But before we enter formal school, we go through a preparation phase, a bridge between school and home. This bridge is called playgroup.

Shaping the childhood better

This bridge called playgroup play a very crucial role in shaping the childhood a child. Playgroup is the first group that the child interacts with, after getting out of the cushioned existence at home. Playgroups are more important in places were both parents are working. In societies like Singapore, where there are mostly nuclear families and both the parents are working, playgroups play a crucial role in instilling all the major values in the child. In this manner, they play a very important role in shaping the future of the child.

The best playgroup in Singapore looks after the child when the parents are away at work. They not only teach the child how to take care of himself or herself, but also teach them to be better human beings. The experience that the child has in the playgroup stays with the child throughout their life. Also, how receptive the child will be of the formal school setup and how the child will adapt to that change is also determined by the experience the child has in the playgroup.

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