Healthy Diet for Your Little Champ

For so many parents, it is difficult to make decisions about what their kids should eat and what is good to avoid. Whatever you decide as a diet for your little child, make sure they eat something healthy and nutritious every time because junk food is always harmful for all age groups. Many parents at Singapore kindergarten are not able to decide which dishes or mealtimes can provide better nutrients to growing kids and they forget to include super healthy foods into the diet schedule.

Here are some of the best nutritious food items that your kids must get in the form of a routine diet for overall health management:


This nutty food from plants comes with omega 3 type fatty acids that are a must for overall brain development. You can add this material to most dishes that your kids love like bread, muffins, pancake, etc., and it will always help to improve their digestion level.


Most parents presume that their child will never love to eat tofu, but the fact is that it may not appear like a favourite food item when served with all other dishes, but kids will definitely love to enjoy its unique taste if it is developed with a smooth creamy base. Tofu serves as the best source of vitamin B, iron, protein and calcium. Try to make different delicious recipes of tofu for your child.

Sweet Potato:

It is one of the most nutritious as well as inexpensive vegetables for your routine needs, which works like an antioxidant for body while providing ample amounts of Vitamin A. Potatoes can boost the health of the eyes and their natural sweetness along with bright colour attracts children towards its deliciousness. There are so many dishes that can be cooked with potatoes with attractive toppings; try something unique on every weekend to make your kids happy.


It is believed that yogurt is the best source of probiotics and it can definitely make your stomachers feel healthy and happy. Note that sugary versions of yogurt dishes are not that healthy for kids as they have lower levels of bacteria and proteins but the plain non fat type dishes are really worth it.


There are lots of wonderful benefits associated with Hummus but for maintaining taste of your kid, never tell them that it comes from beans. Hummus, rated to be the most caring eatables for the heart, contains fibre content along with carbs, proteins and many more health benefits. Kids will love to enjoy its quick homemade delicious recipes on holidays.


If you are thinking twice about this name then it is good to know that salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and other essentials that are proven to be good for health. Busy parents can choose it like a fast to serve recipe for their kids when they ask for something to eat during peak work hours. Salmon is rated to be the best choice for brain health as well as for the heart.

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