Benefits of Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids

Growing up in the age of the Internet, it is very easy for kids to remain indoors and not want to go out to play as they may be missing a certain show or want to play a game on their iPad. The debate of which type of play is better for the children has been on for a long time. But the important point is that the children play. There should always be a balance of everything in a child’s life; time spent outside is equally as important as the time spent indoors. This is what professional childcare experts believe and hence encourage both kinds of play for the child.

Benefits of outdoor games

Playing outside has benefits such as the child being more active and gregarious.

Kids learn through adventures while outdoors. Hence there are not only physical but mental benefits as well. When playing outdoor games, children interact with each other and learn new skills and languages. They explore different things and in this way are able to discover the differnet types of people, personalities and behaviour, which helps the child’s brain develop at a quicker rate. Children who play outdoors more are good learners, have better personalities and perform well at school.

Advantages of playing indoors

Indoor games teach children to welcome other kids into their home to play. It also teaches them to include siblings to play with their friends. On the other hand, children learn to be good guests and courteous to others when they visit someone else’s house. When a child learns to play indoors, they are not irritated if they cannot play outside due to weather conditions.

Different types of games

The child has a lot of options of games when they play outside. They can also take walks around the park, play hide and seek, skate or ride an electric scooter, etc. Indoor games include softball, monopoly, other board games. They can also indulge in activities such as making a fort or den and other art and craft activities. Most of the kids today like to play video games.

Therefore, it is important that there is a balance or indoor and outdoor games for the all round development of the child. Infant child care centres in Singapore have learnt to maintain this balance and help your child develop and lay the foundation to be a better person.

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