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Important things to consider when choosing a doctor for your family in Singapore

The first thing you are likely to do when you move into a new area is to find a home that will be suitable for you and your family. Next, you will find a good school for your children and get a job. It is very easy to forget about finding a doctor for your […]

13. YLC Importance of having the right framework while teaching math

Importance of having the right framework while teaching math Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that are taught in schools. This also plays a major role in the future of the child as being able to solve math problems sets the foundation of critical thinking and problem solving later on in the child’s […]

How do math booster programs help children

Sometimes even the most brilliant student can struggle when it comes to math class. Whether it is just to keep up with classes or if they need help with homework math booster programs can be very useful to the child. Math booster programs help make learning math a fun and engaging activity unlike the traditional […]

Need for a defined framework while learning math

The main problem that most students face when they are studying math is the large number of ways that the same sum can be solved. Just the sheer number of formulae and the different concepts of maths is enough to give children night terrors for a very long time. Defining a framework helps the student […]

Benefits of Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids

Growing up in the age of the Internet, it is very easy for kids to remain indoors and not want to go out to play as they may be missing a certain show or want to play a game on their iPad. The debate of which type of play is better for the children has […]

How to Enjoy the Often Exhausting, Depressing Role of Parenthood

Whoever thinks being a parent is easy, is probably dreaming. Individuals, doctors and scientist affirm that parenting is quite demanding; the amount of physical and mental stress involved in the job is also overwhelming. Taking care of a baby or an older child entails constant care and attention, and could be frustrating and depressing for […]

How playgroups help shape your child’s childhood in a better manner

Childhood: an important phase in our life Childhood is a crucial phase in everyone’s life. We spend quite a substantial number of years as a child. Our childhood decides how we would grow up to be an adult. Hence, how are childhood has been greatly influences our growth as an adult. If a child gets […]

Some common worries and fears while sending your children to nursery school

There is no doubt that sending your child to a preschool is a tough job for parents. They have a lot of concerns when their child goes to nursery school for the first time. It also serves as a sign for many parents that their child has grown up and the time has come when […]

Healthy Diet for Your Little Champ

For so many parents, it is difficult to make decisions about what their kids should eat and what is good to avoid. Whatever you decide as a diet for your little child, make sure they eat something healthy and nutritious every time because junk food is always harmful for all age groups. Many parents at […]