13. YLC Importance of having the right framework while teaching math

Importance of having the right framework while teaching math

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that are taught in schools. This also plays a major role in the future of the child as being able to solve math problems sets the foundation of critical thinking and problem solving later on in the child’s life. These skills are very important as everyday is a struggle and at any given point an individual is required to make multiple decisions that can either lead them towards the solution or onto the wrong path.

Before they get into the future they have to learn math that is a complicated web of different types of sums with each sum having different types of approaches and methods of solving the problem. Thus, it can get very complicated for the child to learn all of these methods and approaches of each of the sums. This is where it is essential that there is a good framework in place and the sums are properly distributed according to their type and the approach that is required for solving those problems.

Math enrichment centres choose to use the matrix framework for teaching math. In this type of framework the mathematical problems are listed according to their topics. Subsequently, they are then divided according to the type of question. As all sums that are of similar type have a similar approach to the solution this make it less complicated for the child to understand. This method allows for the effective and efficient learning, understanding, recall and revision of a particular type of problem and thus is very helpful for students who have a tough time memorising the different methods of solving of sums.

This method also classifies the sums according to the level of difficulty of the sums of each type. Not every student is at the same level of their peers and may feel embarrassed and get even more demotivated if they are unable to solve these problems. Thus, by having a pre-evaluation of the students math ability, we are able to place them with students who are at their own level and to there is a boost to their confidence. For the students who are able to grasp the knowledge easily and have a good math aptitude these centres also provide higher thinking sums which help them to do better in their academic tests.

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