Important things to consider when choosing a doctor for your family in Singapore

The first thing you are likely to do when you move into a new area is to find a home that will be suitable for you and your family. Next, you will find a good school for your children and get a job. It is very easy to forget about finding a doctor for your family until there happen to be some sort of emergency.

Well, you don’t have to wait for a medical emergency to occur before finding a GP.  What you should do therefore is to do some research and find a good GP that will be able to handle the need for your family.

One such GP clinic is that from Acumed Medical. They have clinics all over Singapore in residential areas, and have a wide range of medical facilities to attend to your varying needs. If you are serious about getting a good GP for your family, you should visit their site above.

In Singapore, there are a lot of doctors you can choose from. But there are certain things you need to consider in order to choose a doctor that will be able to cater to your needs and that of your family.

How far is the doctor’s office from your home?

When you or a member of your family is sick, you will want to access your health care center easily. So, then look for a doctor, it is important to note how close your home is to the doctor’s office. Also, you have to check if the doctor’s office is accessible and convenient. There are a number of ways you can find a doctor close to your home. One way is by going online and using your postal code to find the closest clinics to your workplace or residence.

Medical insurance

The next thing you need to consider is if you have medical insurance. If you have medical insurance, they will handle the bills from you GP clinics. What this means is that you will be free of the stress of first paying and claiming later.

The international medical clinic in Singapore is one of the best medical providers that are presently providing service to the foreign residents, they also have an arrangement for direct billing with more than forty-five insurance firms.

Their qualifications

Another important thing you need to give consideration to is the experience level as well as the qualification of the doctor. This information is usually available at the website of most reputable GP clinics in Singapore. When you visit the hospital website you will see all the doctors they have as well as their bios. You will also have access to their experience level and other information you need to know about them.


Before you choose a doctor, you have to ask yourself how comfortable you are with him. In order for things to move smoothly with your doctor, you have to trust and like him.


This is something that a lot of people fail to consider. If it happens to be that English is not your first language, then you should look for a doctor who speaks your native tongue, so that you will be able to air out your needs and that of your family easily.

Of course, finding a doctor who speaks your language can be difficult and in some instance, you may not be able to find any. If that is the case, what you should do is to make inquiries to see if they have a translating service that you can use.


It is important that you find out when your doctor works and also to see if he offers after hour service. If it happens to be that a doctor’s working time does not tally with yours, things are not going to work out smoothly.

Finding a good doctor can be a real challenge, but if you give considerations to the tips in this article you will be able to find a doctor that will suit the need for your family.

13. YLC Importance of having the right framework while teaching math

Importance of having the right framework while teaching math

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that are taught in schools. This also plays a major role in the future of the child as being able to solve math problems sets the foundation of critical thinking and problem solving later on in the child’s life. These skills are very important as everyday is a struggle and at any given point an individual is required to make multiple decisions that can either lead them towards the solution or onto the wrong path.

Before they get into the future they have to learn math that is a complicated web of different types of sums with each sum having different types of approaches and methods of solving the problem. Thus, it can get very complicated for the child to learn all of these methods and approaches of each of the sums. This is where it is essential that there is a good framework in place and the sums are properly distributed according to their type and the approach that is required for solving those problems.

Math enrichment centres choose to use the matrix framework for teaching math. In this type of framework the mathematical problems are listed according to their topics. Subsequently, they are then divided according to the type of question. As all sums that are of similar type have a similar approach to the solution this make it less complicated for the child to understand. This method allows for the effective and efficient learning, understanding, recall and revision of a particular type of problem and thus is very helpful for students who have a tough time memorising the different methods of solving of sums.

This method also classifies the sums according to the level of difficulty of the sums of each type. Not every student is at the same level of their peers and may feel embarrassed and get even more demotivated if they are unable to solve these problems. Thus, by having a pre-evaluation of the students math ability, we are able to place them with students who are at their own level and to there is a boost to their confidence. For the students who are able to grasp the knowledge easily and have a good math aptitude these centres also provide higher thinking sums which help them to do better in their academic tests.

How do math booster programs help children

Sometimes even the most brilliant student can struggle when it comes to math class. Whether it is just to keep up with classes or if they need help with homework math booster programs can be very useful to the child.
Math booster programs help make learning math a fun and engaging activity unlike the traditional pen and paper method that they learn in school. Booster programs can use play time problem solving and team building as methods of teaching children the basic concepts of math. Due to this a strong foundation for the basic concepts of math is formed even without the child knowing. New and innovative ways of teaching math are used in these booster programs.
Math is one of the subjects that has various uses in the real world so it should be taught in a way that children can easily understand and it shouldn’t remain only in the confines of pen and paper. Including games and other interesting activities during these booster programs can help in improving a child’s critical thinking. That will in turn improve various other skills such as data analysis, geometry, and number concepts.
There is no particular age limit as to when a child should start math booster programs; however it is always believed that the earlier they start the better. If the foundation of the subject is built properly then it makes learning higher concepts that are more complicated that much easier. Some children believe that they dislike the math subject but with the help of these booster programs they learn to love the subject and will surely want to continue learning it for a long period of time. Children who take part in booster programs are seen to be more confident and capable in other areas too.
With the increase of use of technology there is more need to learn math as there is a direct relationship between technology software’s and math. Proper concepts of math are a major need if the child wants to grow up and take up computer science. Hence these booster programs can also help the child learn to love and gain interest in a subject so much that it can make a difference in their career and in turn in their life as a whole.
These are the reason why it is always a good idea for a child to be enrolled in a math booster program at the primary maths tuition centre Singapore irrespective of whether they love the subject or hate it.

Need for a defined framework while learning math

The main problem that most students face when they are studying math is the large number of ways that the same sum can be solved. Just the sheer number of formulae and the different concepts of maths is enough to give children night terrors for a very long time. Defining a framework helps the student to find a correlation between the many formulae and concepts and helps them choose the type of solution that they are most comfortable with. Many people mistakenly think that math enrichment class Singapore means accelerated learning, where the child is given the syllabus and study matter before hand and so they are ahead of the class. Whereas others think that a more compact version of the study material is provided to the students. Both of these concepts are not what is really needed for the student to have a proper understanding of math.

Math is a subject that has a variety of concepts and these concepts are then divided into sub-concepts that can get confusing for the best of us so what is expected from the children. Strategies that use a defined framework while teaching math has shown to have a greater success rate among students. One such strategy is the matrix method, in this each concept is given a separate section. Then those sections are divided in such a way that all problems that have similar solutions are put together. The students are then taught how to solve these problems in ways that are most suited to them.

While one student may find a particular solution easy to remember and faster to do, the same method may not work for another individual. Hence, having a properly defined framework can help in problem solving as well as critical thinking. Once the child gets used to this kind of learning they will be able to apply it to any other problem of that topic that is given to them. The framework helps to promote understanding of the different topics and hence the problems that were first seen as a mammoth task by the students are now merely a challenge that has a way to be solved. Having a proper framework when studying math is very important as this helps to build a mathematical aptitude in the child. This also helps make them more independent and confident later on in life.

Benefits of Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids

Growing up in the age of the Internet, it is very easy for kids to remain indoors and not want to go out to play as they may be missing a certain show or want to play a game on their iPad. The debate of which type of play is better for the children has been on for a long time. But the important point is that the children play. There should always be a balance of everything in a child’s life; time spent outside is equally as important as the time spent indoors. This is what professional childcare experts believe and hence encourage both kinds of play for the child.

Benefits of outdoor games

Playing outside has benefits such as the child being more active and gregarious.

Kids learn through adventures while outdoors. Hence there are not only physical but mental benefits as well. When playing outdoor games, children interact with each other and learn new skills and languages. They explore different things and in this way are able to discover the differnet types of people, personalities and behaviour, which helps the child’s brain develop at a quicker rate. Children who play outdoors more are good learners, have better personalities and perform well at school.

Advantages of playing indoors

Indoor games teach children to welcome other kids into their home to play. It also teaches them to include siblings to play with their friends. On the other hand, children learn to be good guests and courteous to others when they visit someone else’s house. When a child learns to play indoors, they are not irritated if they cannot play outside due to weather conditions.

Different types of games

The child has a lot of options of games when they play outside. They can also take walks around the park, play hide and seek, skate or ride an electric scooter, etc. Indoor games include softball, monopoly, other board games. They can also indulge in activities such as making a fort or den and other art and craft activities. Most of the kids today like to play video games.

Therefore, it is important that there is a balance or indoor and outdoor games for the all round development of the child. Infant child care centres in Singapore have learnt to maintain this balance and help your child develop and lay the foundation to be a better person.

How to Enjoy the Often Exhausting, Depressing Role of Parenthood

Whoever thinks being a parent is easy, is probably dreaming. Individuals, doctors and scientist affirm that parenting is quite demanding; the amount of physical and mental stress involved in the job is also overwhelming. Taking care of a baby or an older child entails constant care and attention, and could be frustrating and depressing for new parents. Then again, there are ways to work around “parenthood blues”. Let us have a look at the various ways in facing the challenges:

Share the workload

This helps reduce the burden involved in child-care. Each parent can alternate the duties of diaper changing, bathing, feeding, putting to sleep, and so on. This ensures that one parent is not more stressed than the other, and can get some time to relax. This also prevents panic and chaos during any emergency.

Be forgiving and patient

It is necessary that the parent does not go hard on himself/herself. Parenthood demands a lot of effort and stress, and all children are not exactly predictable either. It is advisable not to have unrealistic expectations from oneself or the child; the feeling that one’s best effort is not good enough or that the child is not behaving as desired can lead to exhaustion. It is okay to let go of situations that are unyielding for a moment’s peace of mind.

Take a break

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” rings very true in this case. A person cannot be expected to endlessly devote his/her time and energy to a specific job and not be tired of it. Parents should make the best use of their free time, even if it is short. Watching a film, reading, visiting friends, going for a spa or massage, or even indulging in a nap can revive he physical and mental health, making it easier to look after the child. Child Care centres in Singapore can help you with this .

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Nobody is born with the knowledge of parenting and it is not an easy task either. With the host of articles available on the Internet and ease of communication, one can easily turn to websites and fellow parents for advice and help, making the job easier and less confusing.

Millions around the world experience parenthood and its perks. With a little help from a child care centre and hope, anyone can overcome the depression and exhaustion associated with it. Good luck to all the parents out there!

How playgroups help shape your child’s childhood in a better manner

Childhood: an important phase in our life

Childhood is a crucial phase in everyone’s life. We spend quite a substantial number of years as a child. Our childhood decides how we would grow up to be an adult. Hence, how are childhood has been greatly influences our growth as an adult. If a child gets a happy and good childhood, he or she grows up to be a good human being. Similarly, if the childhood is tarnished with bad experiences, the child grows up to be a dysfunctional adult. Thus it is very important that the childhood of an individual is filled with positivity and contentment.

The childhood experiences are mainly a part of our school memories, because we spend most of our time in our schools. The kind of friends we make, the kind of teachers we interact with, and the level of discipline we are subjected to in our school all play a very vital role in our growing up. Also, the kind of punishments we get in our schools play a huge role in the psychological development of the child. But before we enter formal school, we go through a preparation phase, a bridge between school and home. This bridge is called playgroup.

Shaping the childhood better

This bridge called playgroup play a very crucial role in shaping the childhood a child. Playgroup is the first group that the child interacts with, after getting out of the cushioned existence at home. Playgroups are more important in places were both parents are working. In societies like Singapore, where there are mostly nuclear families and both the parents are working, playgroups play a crucial role in instilling all the major values in the child. In this manner, they play a very important role in shaping the future of the child.

The best playgroup in Singapore looks after the child when the parents are away at work. They not only teach the child how to take care of himself or herself, but also teach them to be better human beings. The experience that the child has in the playgroup stays with the child throughout their life. Also, how receptive the child will be of the formal school setup and how the child will adapt to that change is also determined by the experience the child has in the playgroup.

Some common worries and fears while sending your children to nursery school

There is no doubt that sending your child to a preschool is a tough job for parents. They have a lot of concerns when their child goes to nursery school for the first time. It also serves as a sign for many parents that their child has grown up and the time has come when their kids will face many challenges in his or her life. Some common fears and worries of the parents are the following:-

Will they miss me? :-

You do not need to worry about this as the kids have a tight schedule in the nursery in Singapore . Most of the time has gone into learning new things and performing various fun loving activities. When they will start thinking about you, it will be the time for going home.

Will they finish their lunch? :-

This one fear can be true during the first few weeks because children are not used to the short time which is given to them for finishing their lunch. So you must pack food which can be finished in less time and satisfy their hunger as well. It is advisable to pack the favorite food of your child so that he or she can enjoy his or her meal.

Will the teachers take proper care? :-

It is one of the most common worries of the parents. You can overcome this fear by meeting the teacher personally before or after the school. You should also trust the teachers because they do their job very seriously and treat the children like their own kids. You can also ask the teachers to allow you to stay in class for a few hours so that you can get a chance to observe them.

Will they be fearful? :-

Many parents worry how their children will manage in new environment where they know nobody. You should try to calm their fear by not letting them see you are frightened. It would be better if you visit the nursery school two or three times with your child before the first day of the school.

Will they have friends? :-

There are many kids who have introvert tendencies and take a long time making friends. Thus you should teach them how to communicate with the likeminded companion as well as teachers. Some teachers usually say, “Parents are the first teachers of a child”. You should play role-playing games with your child at home so that they can learn how to begin a conversation.

Will they learn fast enough? :-

It is not necessary that every child has the capability of learning new things in a fast manner. If your child is unable to learn quickly then you must consult the teacher and try to figure out the reason. If you and your teacher work together then undoubtedly your child will perform exceptionally well.

Will they cooperate with the teacher? :-

Many parents worry whether their child will follow the instructions of the teacher or not. You can solve this problem by acting like a teacher at home. You can get it done by reading a book aloud to your child and tell him or her to listen to you carefully.

Healthy Diet for Your Little Champ

For so many parents, it is difficult to make decisions about what their kids should eat and what is good to avoid. Whatever you decide as a diet for your little child, make sure they eat something healthy and nutritious every time because junk food is always harmful for all age groups. Many parents at Singapore kindergarten are not able to decide which dishes or mealtimes can provide better nutrients to growing kids and they forget to include super healthy foods into the diet schedule.

Here are some of the best nutritious food items that your kids must get in the form of a routine diet for overall health management:


This nutty food from plants comes with omega 3 type fatty acids that are a must for overall brain development. You can add this material to most dishes that your kids love like bread, muffins, pancake, etc., and it will always help to improve their digestion level.


Most parents presume that their child will never love to eat tofu, but the fact is that it may not appear like a favourite food item when served with all other dishes, but kids will definitely love to enjoy its unique taste if it is developed with a smooth creamy base. Tofu serves as the best source of vitamin B, iron, protein and calcium. Try to make different delicious recipes of tofu for your child.

Sweet Potato:

It is one of the most nutritious as well as inexpensive vegetables for your routine needs, which works like an antioxidant for body while providing ample amounts of Vitamin A. Potatoes can boost the health of the eyes and their natural sweetness along with bright colour attracts children towards its deliciousness. There are so many dishes that can be cooked with potatoes with attractive toppings; try something unique on every weekend to make your kids happy.


It is believed that yogurt is the best source of probiotics and it can definitely make your stomachers feel healthy and happy. Note that sugary versions of yogurt dishes are not that healthy for kids as they have lower levels of bacteria and proteins but the plain non fat type dishes are really worth it.


There are lots of wonderful benefits associated with Hummus but for maintaining taste of your kid, never tell them that it comes from beans. Hummus, rated to be the most caring eatables for the heart, contains fibre content along with carbs, proteins and many more health benefits. Kids will love to enjoy its quick homemade delicious recipes on holidays.


If you are thinking twice about this name then it is good to know that salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and other essentials that are proven to be good for health. Busy parents can choose it like a fast to serve recipe for their kids when they ask for something to eat during peak work hours. Salmon is rated to be the best choice for brain health as well as for the heart.